Secure Door® Garage Door Braces

It's More than Affordable! Now our Do-It-Yourself All-In-One Secure Door® garage door brace installation kit is only $210 (includes an additional drill bit you won't find packaged with other kits). That is many times cheaper than your out-of-pocket insurance deductible!

SAVE YOURSELF THE TRIP! WE BEAT HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE PRICING ON BOTH BRACES AND LABOR, AND WE DELIVER (Do-It-Yourselfers, we will even pre-assemble your brace for an additional fee to make it even easier to install.)

It's Effective: Secure Door® is a patented, statewide Florida Building Code approved garage door brace that was successfully tested to protect a home's largest and weakest opening ... the garage door. Testing showed that Secure Door® offers excellent wind protection for even a cheap, 26 guage, rolled steel, double car garage door under hurricane wind conditions rated at a strong Category 5. That's 180 miles per hour. Just for comparison, Hurricane Katrina's maximum winds never exceeded 174 mph.

It's Easy: It only takes 45 minutes for a do-it-yourself person to initially install this storm protection and then only a few minutes to remove or re-secure for future use.

It's Available Now: Secure Door® braces are currently in stock and can be either picked up today or delivered via UPS

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Did you know...

Home Protected from Hurricane Damage by Accordion Shutters
The results of wind pressure.
  • The garage door is potentially the largest and weakest opening to a hurricane in many homes?

  • According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), loss of the garage door was a major factor for homes damaged or destroyed in Hurricane Andrew?

  • Even with shutters, if your garage door fails, the full force of the hurricane will enter your home and possibly blow off your roof and seriously damage or destroy your home?

  • Hurricanes exert both a positive (inward) and negative (outward) pressure on all of your home's walls and openings ... including your garage door.

  • Regardless of the type and strength of your garage door, it is only attached to the garage frame by its side-wheels that ride inside the garage door tracks.

  • Garage doors fail when the hurricane winds cause the door to physically bend either inward or outward. This bending shortens the width of the garage door and causes the garage door side-wheels to pull out of the tracks thus detaching the garage door from the frame.

  • The result of using the Secure Door® protected garage door is that the door is inhibited from bending either inward or outward, thereby remaining intact and protecting your home from the entry of hurricane force winds and debris.

Home Protected by Aluminum Storm Panels

To keep your garage door securely in place, you must not allow the garage door to bend. Here is an example of what can happen without a Secure Door® vertical garage door brace.

Here's what could happen.
These people didn't use Secure Door®. Add up their repair costs, their time and effort to fix the car, garage door, roof, and whatever else was in the garage. Secure Door® is far less expensive. You can inexpensively and quickly reduce your current risk by ordering Secure Door® garage door braces. Don't leave your garage door unprotected!

Home Protected by Aluminum Storm Panels

Secure Door® Benefits

Home Protected from Hurricane Damage by Accordion Shutters
Garage Door Brace Installed
  • Provides protection against up to Category 5 hurricane winds (dependent upon the quality and condition of your garage door).

  • Much less expensive than hurricane-resistant garage doors and garage door shutters.

  • More effective than retrofitted horizontal garage door braces.

  • Can be set up in three (3) minutes or less should a hurricane threaten.

  • Does not attach permanently to the garage door; stores inconspicuously and conveniently out of the way.

  • Does not require a building permit for purchase or installation.

  • May qualify you for some type of homeowners insurance discount.

  • Fits almost all garage doors.

  • Lightweight, requires no maintenance.

  • Reinforces the garage door and provides an anchor and support in addition to the garage door tracks.

  • Secure Door® is made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum in the form of a rectangle box-beam that is lightweight yet incredibly strong.

  • Secure Door® has a unique telescoping design that enables it to brace almost all home or commercial garage doors. Home garage doors up to 8 foot in height. Commercial garage doors up to 15 feet (note: although it works on the same principal, the commercial application has not been formally tested and certified)..

  • Secure Door® brackets are directly attach to the garage door's hinges to keep the garage door from being either blown in or sucked out, Secure Door® was designed to be adjustable so that it can fit behind any existing horizontal garage door braces..

  • The top end of Secure Door® is anchored into the wall (concrete header) above the garage door. The bottom end of Secure Door® is anchored to the garage floor. Secure Door® is then attached to each garage door hinge.

  • Secure Door® is not permanently attached to your garage door, so you do not have to adjust the garage door springs... which if done incorrectly can cause a very dangerous situation.

Advice from FEMA, and Insurance Companies

On September 1998 a booklet entitled "A Homeowners Guide To Hurricane Retrofit" was published by the Institute for Business & Home Safety (in cooperation with FEMA, building officials and insurance companies). The purpose of this booklet was to show how you can best protect your home BEFORE the storm.

On pages numbered 12 and 13 (19 and 20 of pdf document)it graphically emphasizes how vertical bracing should be attached to the door's hinges to retrofit a non-hurricane rated garage door or to further strengthen a rated door.

The illustrations match Secure Door®'s patented product that is attached to the garage door header, garage floor and to each hinge or door shackle on the garage door.

Hurricane at-risk areas we service: Broward, Coral Springs, Dade, Dania, Davie, Delray, Deerfield, Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Laud, Fort Meyers, FL Keys, Florida Keys, Gold Coast, Goldcoast, Hallandale, Highland, Hollywood, Homestead, Islamorada, Key Largo, Key West, Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderdale-by-the-sea, Lighthouse Point, Lighthouse, Light House, Margate, Miami, Miramar, Miami Beach, Marathon, Monroe, Martin, Oakland Park, Ocean Reef, Parkland, Palm Beach, Pompano, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Park, Sea Ranch Lakes, Southbeach, Sugarloaf, Sunrise, Tamarac, Weston, West Palm Beach, WPB.